Working on the Best Full Body Workout for Women: Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Do you want to build strength and flexibility or just focus on losing the excess body weight that is ruinning your look? Whatever your fitness goal is, you can fulfill it with a proper full-body workout plan and that without heading out of the comfort of your home. Just grab the required fitness gears and start from today.

But are you feeling like you are doing all the wrong things when following the self-made workout routine? Well, stop working on that fitness plan and search to know about the best full body workout for women, and based on that prepare a fitness routine. Besides, you should avoid the following at-home workout mistakes –

  1. Not taking a day off

Needless to say, it is important to keep your body moving every day. But not taking a day off from strenuous exercise or weightlifting can do more harm than good. Excessive exercise can cause hypoglycemia, nausea, sports injuries, chest pain, chest distress, social-occupational dysfunction, chronic musculoskeletal pain, and a weakened immune system. Besides, too much exercise can also prevent you from experiencing the strong workouts and muscle gains you desire, as your body needs time to heal. In order to optimize results, you should aim to stay active every day but take a day or two off each week from strenuous exercise.

  1. Lifting too heavy

Are you lifting weights that are too heavy? Then, it would be nearly impossible to use proper form during muscle-building sweat sessions. First, start your workout with lighter weights to warm up your muscles properly, and then work your way up to lifting heavier weights. You should make sure to use proper form. In case you don’t, your risk of injury and not getting the results you desire will increase. Use weights, which will allow you to complete at least four sets of six to 12 repetitions to increase strength and muscle mass. In case your goal is muscular endurance, use lighter weights so you can safely complete at least three to four sets of 15-20 (or more) repetitions by using proper form. With time, increase the amount of weight you lift while keeping correct lifting techniques.

  1. Lifting too light

Just like lifting too heavy prevents you from achieving the desired result, lifting too light will not work for you either. But before that set your goals? Do you want to increase strength or muscle mass? Then, increase the amount of weight you lift and fuel your body properly to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. But you should not forget to use proper form when lifting heavier weights, or use back or joint support gear.

  1. Skipping cardio exercises

One of the biggest at-home workouts you should avoid making is skipping cardiovascular exercise. Though weightlifting at home might seem easier for you, combining resistance training along with aerobic exercise is perfect for muscle building and burning fat. It will help you to maintain a healthy weight and optimal cardiovascular health. Your aim should be to get in at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise most days of the week.

  1. Doing too much cardiovascular exercises

Do you want to build muscle? Then, avoid doing too much cardiovascular exercise and not enough resistance training. Too much cardiovascular exercises can enhance your risk of injuries and make muscle building difficult, especially if you are not consuming enough protein or total calories. In order to maintain or build lean mass, lift weights most of the days of a week and get at least 20-30 minutes of cardio exercise in just about every day. If you have a significant amount of weight to loss, bump up to 45-60 minutes, but make sure to fuel your body properly, and incorporate resistance training to most of your workouts.

So, be careful when preparing a workout routine for you and avoid making these mistakes.

Author bio: Elizabeth Browne is a fitness trainer and often writes on the best full body workout for women. In this article, she has discussed a few mistakes that you should avoid when working out at home.