Top 6 SEO Tips That Will Help to Boost Your Website

Do you want to build your brand? Or, do you want to earn more traffic? Or, boosting the credibility and authority of your site is your chief goal? In any of the scenarios, Search Engine Optimisation will help you in the long run.

But building a strategy and optimising a website is not as easy as it seems. It needs proper research, eye for details and many more. Here are a few SEO tips that you can follow. 

1. Make your website about one thing 

Topic selection for your website is very crucial. Using less relevant thing or the one that is not interesting will hurt your site in the long run. So, you have to be very careful while choosing a topic. Don’t use too many things on your website. Focus on one primary topic that is most essential to your message. This step is crucial, therefore, you would like to do a little keyword research before choosing a topic.

2. Mention keywords where they matter the most 

Include your keyword in the domain name, site title, description, tagline, keywords, page titles, blog categories, as well as page content. But before that complete your keyword research and find out what are the keywords that will be the most effective for you. In case you are on WordPress, you can change a lot of things by going to the general settings.

3. Use a permalink structure that includes keywords 

Some websites have “ugly” permalink structures, which use numbers to identify pages. Restrict yourself from doing this. It is bad for SEO. Besides, it does not look good. Use a URL structure, which includes text and ensure you add keywords in your URLs. So, in place of having a page URL that includes a numerical number, use text in it.

4. Eliminates anything that makes your site slow 

The load time of your site is very important. Therefore, you should get rid of any non-essentials, which bog down your site. It may include music players, flash graphics, large images, and unnecessary plugins. If your website consists of any of these things, then remove them as early as possible and include the things that will not affect your site in any way.

5. Include keywords in your images 

Add keywords that reflect your site topic in the image title, description, as well as alt attributes. Moreover, re-title the file name if it does not reflect your main keywords. Incorporating keywords in the image title can be proven beneficial for your site.

6. Update your site frequently 

Websites with dynamic content generally rank higher than those with static content. This is why blogs, as well as directories, do so well on the search engines. They are regularly being updated with new content. So, you should try to update your site as frequently as possible – even a slight change matters a lot.

Even if you follow the top SEO blogs, you will come to know that they also pay attention to these tips. If you want to know more or arrange a PPC or content marketing campaign, then opt for a reputable SEO company and let them work for you. 

Author bio: Maria Jones is a popular blogger, who is associated with one of the top SEO blogs. In this write-up, he has pointed out a few SEO tips that will be good for your site’s SEO.