Three Ways You Can Reinvent Refrigerated Shipping Without Looking Like An Amateur

Fleet Concepts can assist carriers source readily available capability for refrigerated shipping throughout all modes– full truckload, LTL, and rail. With tighter capacity throughout produce season and less carriers who operate refrigerated shipping fleets, dealing with a 3PL for refrigerated (reefer) shipping can prove vital.

As professionals in food logistics, our carrier network consists of refrigerated vehicles and food-grade equipment. We are also professionals in FSMA guidelines and temperature level tracking procedures, which implies we can assist ensure compliance during all points of transport.

Refrigerated Shipping

Temperature-controlled and refrigerated shipping is available within several modes– rail, LTL, and truck. Refrigeration and monitoring systems are embedded into equipment, so items can travel securely within a controlled environment between origin and destination.

Conventional Uses for Refrigerated Shipping

Shipping of perishable food, drink, and pharmaceutical items
Throughout hotter months of the year

When to Use Temp-Control as an Option

Avoidance of altitude problems
Defense from freezing, sub-zero temperatures
Whenever a regulated environment is required

Refrigerated & Frozen LTL Trucking

Are you shipping fresh or frozen produce, meats or seafood products anywhere across the United States? Refrigerated LTL trucking ensures that your products reach your suppliers and consumers in a prompt way, and without deterioration.

At Fleet Concepts, our national network of refrigerated LTL trucking companies guarantees that you’ll have the ability to discover the best truck at the best rate for your business.

What Is a Refrigerated LTL Carrier?

LTL stands for “less-than-load”, and usually refers to freights that is less than 150 lbs. and take up less than 1/3rd the floor space of a 53′ truck.

Refrigerated, or temperature-controlled LTL carriers, offer refrigerator or freezer compartments that protect your food during transport. You can choose from a series of temperature options to ensure that your items aren’t too cold or overly warm.

LTL refrigerated trucking is also helpful for chemical suppliers. For example, some liquid chemicals are flammable; they need to be kept under a temperature level threshold to prevent any chemical breakdown, which might result in fires, surges, or instability in the product.

This requirement is dealt with in Section 14 of the Material Data Security Sheet (MSDS) for each dangerous chemical. Fleet Concepts offers easy access to trustworthy refrigerated LTL carriers on both the east and west coast, so you can enjoy peace of mind when transferring chemicals.

Temperature managed transport services (Reefer LTL).

Refrigerated LTL trucks are likewise called Reefer LTL trucks in the shipping industry. Compared to LTL dry freights, reefer LTL freight are more pricey, pound for pound. Furthermore, shipping rates tend to surge during harvests, because numerous companies are completing for area on freight trucks. Fleet Concepts assists to minimize your shipping expenses by providing real-time comparisons of carrier rates, so you can choose the carrier that best fits your business’s needs.

Both frozen and temperature-controlled (refrigerated) trucks use the exact same type of refrigerated trailers. These trailers are geared up with controls that enable you to choose the temperature of the interior, so you can securely keep your items.

For instance, cheese and cakes require to be stored between 20-30 degrees to keep freshness, so you would choose this temperature level for shipping these items. Things end up being more complex with deliveries that consist of a variety of products, so the difficulty is to find the right mix of items, which can be shipped at the exact same temperature level.

Discover the best Frozen LTL carriers for your freight.

Fleet Concepts is a freight brokering service that lets you compare LTL distribution services and freight carriers, choose the ideal carrier for your company and track your freight delivery from coast to coast.

Whether you’re making brief deliveries or require refrigerated services to deliver products throughout state lines, we can assist you choose the ideal carrier and handle your shipping routes.

Local Refrigerated LTL Freight.

Shelling out for full truckload service or owning your own fleet of refrigerated trucks for item distribution can get expensive quickly.

Using Fleet Concepts, you can minimize your shipping budget plan through local refrigerated LTL freight carriers with access to a 3rd party temperature-controlled distribution warehouses, from which you can disperse your products.

This multi-legged process has a lot of moving parts. If you wish to keep circulation management in-house, we suggest employing a logistics manager to handle your LTL freight shipping.

However, for an easier solution, Fleet Concepts can connect you with one of our knowledgeable employees, who can handle your shipping portfolio and function as your intermediary with 3rd party carriers.

National Frozen LTL Truck Freight.

There is only one national frozen LTL freight carrier. Hence, you see significant temperature control shippers such as the banana industry using their own fleets sometimes. Also, the one nationwide frozen LTL freight carrier serves as a monopoly– because for numerous freight buyers there is no apparent replacement.

The only way around such a monopoly is to utilize an incredibly resourceful freight broker like Fleet Concepts who can use a combination of long run frozen LTL freight carriers combined with a network of local refrigerated LTL carriers to handle the local delivery or regional pickup for your product or your client.

In addition to our relied on network of trucks, Fleet Concepts’ partner carriers also use temperature-controlled storage facilities throughout the United States. This makes it simple to keep deliveries in between shipping legs while preserving product freshness.

You can utilize our advanced freight software system to find the best storage facility near you or warehouses at tactical points on the way to your customers.

For help with your LTL refrigerated or frozen trucking requirements, call us at any time to consult with a skilled customer service member. We’ll make shipping your products easy, so you can focus on your clients.

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