Looking forward to becoming a Panda Volunteer? Know What You Should Keep in Mind

Sichuan is where a panda lover’s dream comes true! The Chinese province is pretty famous for Chengdu aka the homeland of the panda. Giant pandas are rarely famous for their reclusive nature but they are widely known for their cute appearance. Scientifically checked, generous cheeks and snub noses are the prime reasons to find the pandas cute. They spend most hours by sleeping and looking for food while awake. What could be a more adorable version of a lifestyle? Needless to say, the world is completely going ga-ga over the giant pandas. And you can enjoy the adorable furballs in Chengdu! If you are up for close interaction, you can volunteer for one day.

Yes, the panda tour operators have come up with an exciting option in which enthusiasts can spend one whole day with the pandas. The journey starts from Chengdu and ends there; however, the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda remains to be the main attraction. If you become a panda volunteer, you will spend a full day being a panda keeper. You can gather a deeper understanding of how the captive pandas lead their lives. Such a unique experience is a token for a lifetime among many people. For the volunteering work, the enthusiasts are rewarded with a certificate. It goes without saying how having a face-to-face interaction is a special moment in your life. So, would you like to live the dream? Go through the article to know how the volunteering program goes like.

Choose the Option Suits You

The travel agencies usually offer three options to the customers – basic panda, copper panda, silver panda, and gold panda. The basic panda is dedicated to travelers who are willing to take a designated car and driver. You can get free lunch in the cafeteria and a guide can be availed as per request. The copper panda comes with a skilled guide who has a thorough knowledge of the entire itinerary. Then the silver panda offers an English-speaking guide who can provide the traveler with in-depth knowledge of volunteer programs, flower-watching, and Buddhism. At last but not the least, the gold panda is for travelers seeking luxury. You will be taken to the best restaurant and transportation options for the ultimate experience.

Look at the Itinerary before You Go

Before you embark on the grand trip, the travel agency ensures convenience for every traveler. Now, the tourists are given three options to make sure of the best kind of fun. Dujiangyan Panda Ark Volunteering, Volunteering at Wolong Panda Base, and Volunteering at Bifengxia Panda Base – these are three programs to choose from. The trip for Dujiangyan Panda Ark starts by meeting the guide at the hotel. Then the day is followed by signing papers, washing the enclosures, visiting Asiatic Black Bear and red pandas other than giant pandas, and watching documentaries. The same chores are followed at Wolong Panda Base and you can visit Jiezi Ancient Village and Dujiangyan Irrigation System after spending a half-day. Again at Bifengxia Panda Base, the activities remain the same and you can pay a visit to Shangli Ancient Village and Bifengxia Gorge.

Before planning the tour, you should undertake a medical check-up. Also, you should check the limit of your entire group before planning. The minimum age limit is 9 and you should abide by the rules of CCRCGP. During the tour, the travel agency takes care of accommodation and you can take a look at the interactive programs to top up the fun. Additionally, a briefing on China photo trips is quite helpful. So, when in doubt, seek help from the guides.

Author bio: Jian Ku is a travel blogger who has published multiple articles on how exciting China photo trips are. Here, he talks about the important information to gather before becoming a panda volunteer in China.