Keys to Passing a Hair Follicle Test at Your Employers Office

Keys to Passing a Hair Follicle Test at Your Employers Office


Most employers now administer hair follicle tests and other forms of screenings to candidates applying for a job. This test is sometimes also used to detect illegal drug use in already hired employees especially when on jobs where high level of attention and coordination is required. While there are various types of tests that can be administered, a hair follicle test detects the level of cannabis in the hair follicle. People who smoke cannabis regularly must know how to pass a hair follicle test especially if you work in a company where tests are carried out often. You can find out more about this and other tests on

What is a hair follicle test?

Employees will be asked for a hair follicle to be analyzed to determine a recent or frequent drug use. This test can be used to detect the use of cocaine, heroin, phencyclidine, and marijuana. Testers can use the strands of the hair to determine if someone has been taking cannabis and other drugs usually over a 3 months window.

Why is a hair test necessary?

Hair follicle test has been introduced into the stages of examining applicants for employment. Companies require applicants to go through this process, especially for jobs that have a risk of injury or where body coordination and attention is required. Existing employees can also be required to go through this process. It can also be carried out after a major accident occurs at an establishment.

Keys to Passing a Hair Follicle Test at Your Employers Office

Drug testing laws varies from states to states, some state laws do not allow employers to carry out this test on their employees on a random basis. However, an employer can give the reason for the need to carry out a hair test. A hair follicle test can be required by a court in the issue of probation of an individual, child adoption or custody cases, and violence. It can also be required by health care professionals to test people at the risk of drug abuse.

Tips for passing a hair follicle test on a short notice

1. Understand that hair follicle test is less effective in single drug use: a hair test is used to detect a long-term use of drugs and can only be a good measure when a person has been using drugs for a long period of time (usually over months). If you have only had single drug use, it is more likely for the hair test to fail. Thus if you have only smoked cannabis once over the last 3 months, you can hope to pass the test. However, if you have been smoking for weeks prior to your test, you are more likely to fail the test. It is advised that when you are planning to go through an employment process, you refrain from any type of drug for about 3 months since most follicle tests have that detection window. Click here to learn more about workplace drug testing, how it works and why you might be asked for one.

  1. 2. Have a complete shave: this is one of the simplest ways to pass a hair test. The test is usually carried out by cutting a few strands of the hair but imagine there is no strand to use as a sample, then there will be no test. It is a logical but not so practical solution to beat a hair follicle test. First, testers can get hair from other parts of your body asides the head. That’s not to mention the fact that showing up for a test completely bald does not paint a very good picture of your innocence. You will be instantly ruled out as guilty in most cases.
  2. 3. Use hair drug test shampoo: if you have been smoking frequently and you need a quick result to pass the test, a hair test shampoo can help you. The shampoo strips off the old layers of oil built up on your scalp and it also penetrate the shaft. The shampoo sees to it that existing layers in the hair are cleansed completely leaving your hair as good as new. However, it isn’t without its own issues too. You might need to wash four to ten times to see the result with these shampoos. The shampoo is considered to be a potentially dangerous solution as it has been known to cause a lot of damage to hair in an attempt to remove THC from your hair. Also, bear in mind that there are several fake shampoos on the market so finding the right one can be a challenge as well.
  3. 4. Do-it-yourself solutions: you can make your hair cleanser for a drug test. A drug cleanser can be made from the ingredient in your kitchen and that makes it very cheap. Another simple remedy is to keep your hair soaked in a dash of white vinegar for about twenty minutes. You can also get some acne medicine- with salicylic acid and apply it on your hair. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse with liquid detergent or a powder detergent that has been mixed with tepid water. Dry the hair out and you can decide to style or even dye it.

Solutions when you have more time

It is very unlikely that you will get enough time to prepare for a drug test. Usually you get just a few days or a week to present yourself for the test. However, if you have more time to prepare for the screening here is an approach you can try. This technique can also be used in conjunction with some of the other solutions earlier mentioned.

Take the right diet and supplement: for quick detoxification take supplements, vitamin B3 is very helpful as it causes the blood vessel to release more toxins. Take about eight glasses of water daily or even more and use a sauna to speed up the process. As mentioned this method is recommended when you have more time to spare. The positive side to this process is that there won’t be any suspicion since you are trying to detoxify your body naturally. However, this is an approach most people cannot afford to take simply because there is never enough time to prepare for a drug test.

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If you are actively on a job search, avoiding cannabis intake entirely is the best way to beat a drug test. But if you must take drugs, it is good that you understand how hair follicle screening ad other tests work and know The Tips for beating them.