Every student dream to become an A-grade student. Unfortunately, not everyone’s dream come true. To become A-grade student, you require a lot of hard work, determination, and focus. You need to excel in skills or just pay to write paper.

Don’t worry, we got some pro tips which will help you to become an A-grade student. A-grade student doesn’t mean that you got good grades but it also creates good image. Teachers and your juniors will give examples of you. Below are some tips to become a brilliant student.

Always Make a Plan

As your term or semester starts, you should create a plan. In that plan you will update the semester or term’s progress, keep track of important dates (such as test, presentation, project deadlines, etc.). Make sure that all the dates are in order. You can mark the important dates on a physical calendar or you can use Google Calendar. This application is free to use and it is very amazing, mostly people plan their schedule on Google Calendar.

Be Organized

Can’t find your notes? Having problem in assignments? This will consume your precious time. Furthermore, it can even take hours to look for them. You can ask your friend for the notes but if your friend also doesn’t have the notes, then what?

It is suggested that you should keep all your work organized. We have 2 methods through which you can keep all your things organized. You can clip all your notes and assignments on a file. The second method is homework notebook. Make a list of all your work on the notebook and then place all your notes and assignment in your drawer or cabinet.

Physical Health

This tip is very important and unfortunately many students don’t focus on this point. Your physical health is very important. You must have heard this phrase, “Health is Wealth”, it means everything is possible if you are healthy. Let’s assume you got ill during your exams, all that hard work will turn into waste. Eat healthy foods, exercise, sleep well, and take small breaks. Don’t compromise on your health.

Make a Homework Group

Let’s agree than working in group is more effective than working alone. For example, you got math homework this afternoon and when you tried to solve at home, you can’t understand properly. To encounter that problem, make a study group with your friends. In this way, if you got stuck then your friend will pull you out instead you waste your time on finding the solution by yourself. Remember, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Remove All Source of Distraction

Last but not least, you should make sure that your study space is clean of distraction. Distraction is a very common enemy of students. It breaks your focus and hence you won’t study effectively. Before you start you study, analyze your room or study space. If you find anything which even has less chance of distracting you, remove it as soon as possible.


Don’t be discourage after knowing your grades, many student (who got low grade) think that they can’t become a brilliant student. Don’t stop, just keep trying and follow all the above tips. Remember, grades don’t decide your future as Thomas Edison once said, “A single sheet of paper can’t decide my future”.