Green juice and green smoothies; Are they healthy?

Nutrition is a very important perspective in today’s life that cannot be ignored. Fresh
fruits, vegetables and the products of these foods are very crucial as they have
countless health benefits. Green juices and smoothies are very popular food products
related to these vegetables and fruits these days.
Green juices are the liquid extracts from the fruits or vegetables. Green juices contain
the liquid carrying some sugars, minerals and vitamins while no fiber is present in these
juices. These are very useful when someone requires a light and quick flush of energy.
This can serve as a substitute for morning tea or evening coffee after a hectic day as it
provides energy rapidly by raising the blood glucose levels. Many important juices
include apple, cucumber, orange, pineapple, celery, carrot and kale with the addition of
lemon extract. A good juicer at home can provide ease to improve the nutrition.
Similarly, Smoothie is prepared when fruits or vegetables are blended in such a way
that they come in the liquid form. These are the whole fruit or vegetables and fiber is
present in the smoothie in a good quantity because the fiber present in the veggies or
fruits is blended as such. As smoothie is having a good amount of fiber and all the
nutrients in full of its form so it is healthier as compared to juices. The stability of
nutrients in smoothies is higher due to the presence of fiber in it while juices are
subjected to the process of oxidation that limits its use for an extended period. When
someone requires a higher amount of energy or wanted to satisfy the minute hunger
then the smoothie serves the purpose very well as it is containing a good nutritional
profile. Good quality blender can improve your blending experience and texture of your
Health gains like purifying the blood, producing skin glow, increasing oxygenation of
different body cells, improving the digestive system of the body and absorbing
carcinogenic components of diet and hence acting as a buffer.
Smoothies and green juices reduce the problem of taking care of proper vegetables and
fruits separately because these products are already fulfilling the daily requirements of
fruits and vegetables recommended by nutrition experts.
Fresh juices and Green smoothies are also a good source of proper hydration of the
body because they have higher water percentage. It is sometimes difficult for a person
to maintain his daily water intake so if someone is taking one or two glasses of green
juices or smoothies then it will be added to that requirement.
Green Smoothies and juices are also involved in maintaining the health of beneficial
bacteria in human intestines as they provide food to these bacteria. They perform better
and remove toxic chemicals and agents from the body as they are very good
It is also reported by the researchers that green veggies and fruits have a good amount
of folic acid in them and it is very useful in alleviating the depression and anxiety in
many people. Green juices and Smoothies are a very important source of folic acid
intake so they are proven very useful for human health.