Five reasons you should purchase a compact Nutribullet blender

The blender is a very important component of the modern-day kitchen because of its wide-
spread use in different food items. Diversity of food dishes need different types of blenders.
There is a range of different blenders present in the market. Traditional blenders have been
used for many purposes but when it comes to preparing good quality smoothies there is no
comparison with Nutribullet blender. The traditional blenders result in thick and incomplete
blending of parts of veggies. The reason behind this is the poor blades and less speed of these
blenders. Nutribullet blenders have revolutionized the blender manufacturing industry and
prepared the blenders with extreme power and speed which ensure fine and liquid smoothies.
There are following features which enable a Nutribullet blender to perform well in blending
1. Size:
First of all the size of this Nutribullet blender is such that it can accommodate in short
spaces as it is compact enough to fit in all types of kitchens easily. Most of the blenders
available in the market today have a design that needs a good space for placement. The
small size of Nutribullet blender makes it adjustable to all sorts of families and other uses
so if you have a small area in the kitchen then no more worries this is the best fit.
2. Design:
The design of this blender is smart and attractive. The upper jar is like a bullet and no lid
on top which ensures prevention from spreading the stuff. It has a set of different size
jars according to your serving size. It has a very strong bladder and is larger than all
other models. The blades are detachable which make the cleansing of this model very
3. Power:
The power of a blender is a very important factor while considering a new purchase.
Power of blender measures the capacity of a blender to crush and blend the amount and
nature of food. Different blenders are available in different watts power e.g. 300, 700 and
900watts. This is also the measure of electricity consumption of this blender. Nutribullet
blender is a very strong and powerful blender that can crush vegetables, fruits, ice,
seeds, nuts and much more and convert them into liquid smoothies.
4. Affordability:
The most important thing to be noticed while purchasing a blender is the affordability of a
blender. Does a blender meet your needs and is fitting in your budget?. Nutribullet
blenders have a very economical price range from 50$ to 150$ which is very reasonable
in comparison with many big blenders. Different models of Nutribullet have different
features and different price ranges that make it easier to purchase.
5. Warranty:
Nutribullet blenders have a strong confidence in their product so they assure the buyer
to refund the money or replace the product if it is out of order. Nutribullet blender usually
offers a warranty of 1 to 5 years. The motor speed warranty is about 3 to 5 years while it
could be variable to different models so it is better to check the warranty before buying a