Exploring Jumeirah Golf Estate Dubai And The Beauty It Brings

Jumeirah Golf Estate takes pride in being one of the most exclusive addresses in Dubai that boasts of 4 environmentally-themed 18-hole golf courses. The community presents some world-class amenities and amazing services all available with spectacular accommodations. To be honest, you can’t find a more prestigious residential community with championship golf courses across Dubai.

Some of the big names in the history of Golf like Sergio Garcia, Greg Norman, Vijay Singh and Peter Dye were behind this prestigious design as they came up with 4 Golf courses nestled among the beautiful residences. The golf courses have been designed to reflect the environmental theme with 4 key natural elements including Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind at the core of the design. All these golf courses have been designed cleverly to reflect the natural traits of the natural elements throughout the surroundings. When combined, these golf courses present a luxury golfing experience which won’t just be exhilarating and exciting but unforgettable for the seasoned golfers as well.

Let’s explore what each of these four golf courses and the surrounding communities at the Golf Estate are all about.

  1. Fire

Designed carefully to showcase the beauty of the Arabian Desert, the first golf course in Jumeirah Golf Estate is named “Fire” and it reflects its surrounding landscape rather elegantly. The flora has been chosen quite carefully to reflect the Fire theme and it takes the natural environment up a notch.

With carefully positioned tees, the golf course makes sure that you get a variety in length, direction and elevation while giving golfers something challenging to play on.

The Golf Course is surrounded by 7 residential streets which all reflect rustic Tuscan and Mediterranean architectural themes with materials like brick, rough stone and beautiful stucco walls. The residences really complement the golf course to perfection and take its overall beauty to the next level.

  1. Water

Taking all the inspiration from the Pacific and Florida Islands, the neighborhood surrounding the Water Golf Course boasts of a mesmerizing waterfall that serves as the centerpiece. It’s also covered with palm-fringed lakes and streams on all sides as well as wetland areas positioned carefully for entangling those unwary golfers.

There’s huge variety of some amazing teeing options providing golfers with several courses ranging from 5000-7000 yards in size. The hazards have been strategically placed to let shorter hitters enjoy a bit more space while challenging those longer hitters.

  1. Earth

Being inspired from the well-known parkland golf courses in Europe and North America, this one brings you some impressive and swift-flowing water scattered across dense vegetation that’s been landscaped to perfection. Some beautiful Mediterranean homes make an amazing backdrop to the golf course.

The natural scenery of this beautiful course offers so many beautiful angles and different perspectives from every tee whereas the bunkers and trees work to guide players across the course’s length. There are some indirect water features that present a continuous challenge when you line up your next shot.

  1. Wind

Sprawling along the beautiful Arabian Canal, this golf course and neighborhood aims at presenting a perfect blend of open and lush landscaping with some amazing amenities that make waterfront living more than a dream.

Taking a more conventional approach, the links-style Wind golf course is more traditional and it uses wind’s energy and power. There are tight fairways which shield between the rolling dunes to minimize the error.

Jumeirah Golf Estate: A Perfect Address For You Whether You Like Golf Or Not

Spanning over an expansive 1119 hectares of land area, Jumeirah Golf Estate takes pride in being a self-sufficient community that boasts of some of world’s best golf courses. So, if you’re an avid golfer, you don’t really need to pack up the golfing gear anymore trudging across the town just to enjoy some time playing. Around 75 percent of all the properties here at Jumeirah Golf Estate directly face these beautiful golf courses while the rest face some of the awe-inspiring nature strips and lakes.

Even if you don’t want to go golfing, the Jumeirah Golf Estate gives you access to a lot of amazing sporting and recreational facilities that include swimming pools, spa facilities, fitness centers, barbeque facilities, wellness centers, as well as some amazing shopping and entertainment options. So, what’s stopping you from buying yourself a beautiful home there? You’ll be proud of your decision later for sure!