Exercises That Are Helpful For Pregnant Women

Exercises That Are Helpful For Pregnant Women

Exercises are beneficial for every age, every gender and, for every situation. When a small child grows to be a man or a woman, the growing phase also demands exercises to be done regularly. This schedule can continue throughout the lifetime of an individual. Exercises are beneficial to keep our system going and strengthening and toning our body muscles and increasing the mobility of the joints.

Gynaecologists and doctors today even prescribe exercises during the period of pregnancy as researches show those women who undergo greater physical activities have a less painful delivery and give birth to a healthier kid, as compared to women who do not do exercises during pregnancy.

Maintaining certain regulations in exercises is mandatory, which will be best suggested by a skilled trainer and also the gynaecologist of the women who is expecting a baby.

Benefits of exercises during pregnancy

Pregnancy is associated with a lot of changes in the body, the major being alteration in the hormone level in the body. This causes a lot of symptoms like back pain, a feeling of exhaustion and lethargy, vomiting and a lot more myadpcard. One of the major symptoms of pregnancy is back pain. Sometimes it gets so severe that the expecting women cannot even move at times due to increased pain. Exercises help to relieving and soothing back pain.

An added baby bump and increased body weight are the prominent features of pregnancy. Light exercises regularly increases body flexibility and increases the mobility of the body. Pregnancy is also characterized by soreness in the joints and tenderness. Exercises increase the blood circulation of the body and increases the supply of oxygen.

Labour demands a great muscular strength, especially during the time of child delivery. Thus exercises are crucial in strengthening the muscles and joints and preparing the body for delivery. Among the most dismal symptoms of pregnancy, one of them is fatigue and a sleepy feeling and exhaustion. Exercises provide energy and relive such fatigue.

Various types of exercises during pregnancy

Keeping in mind that exercises should not be over strenuous and should not include heavyweights, prenatal exercises are of different kinds. Some of them are discussed here.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobics is an entertainment as well as exercise. It is a form of exercise that involves cardio-vascular activities. A recommended 20 minutes of aerobic exercise is enough to maintain good health and vigour. But keep in mind not to indulge in activities that involve too much movement of the hands and legs as that can increase the body temperature. Continue your aerobics activities under the guidance of a skilled instructor who will advocate low-intensity programmes, you can also use variancetv to get information of anyone.


It is a very good physical exercise that needs to be done at least three to five days a week at least to get the maximum benefits. The only requirements are loose cotton clothing, a pair of good walking shoes and indulge in brisk walking sessions. Women carrying weight while walking will get added benefits as that improves aerobic fitness as well.

Basic exercises

The basic prenatal exercise comprise of a regime of stretching exercises that tone and strengthen the muscles and promote their overall health. Some of the very basic ones are recommended during this stage.

Arm stretches

This exercise works in strengthening and toning the arm muscles and the upper part of the body. Begin it by standing straight with legs spread a bit wide. Keep your spinal cord straight and lift your hands firmly and erectly at an angle of 90 degrees from the ground. Now hold the hands in that position.

After a few seconds lower both of your arms and bring them on either side of your body. In the next instance push both of your hands at the backside of your body as much as possible and hold it in the position for a few seconds. Finally, bring back the arms in the original position, that is, at the sides of the body.

Pelvic exercise

This exercise maintains the shape of the lower abdomen, pelvic area and the waist which gets reshaped during pregnancy. It also soothes waist pain, characteristic during pregnancy. Place a mat on the floor and lie down on it with your face facing upwards. Bend your knees and encourage normal inhale-exhale procedure. Press your hips to the ground in a tilted way so that it exerts pressure on the waist. Release it again and come back to the original position.

Partial sit-up

This exercise is a great remedy for shoulder aches and neck sprains that are some of the recurrent problems of pregnancy. This is also a lying exercise. Begin it by lying down straight on the floor with your back facing the ground. Keep your knees in a bent position. Slowly lift your head and tuck it inside your chest as much as possible. In the process lift your shoulder a bit too. While doing this exercise your breathing should be slow and moderate and you must not hold the sit-up position for long.

Diagonal sit up

This exercise stretches your long muscles of the back. Thus the subsequent pains of the back and waist are also redeemed by a regular practise of this exercise. Lie on your back on the ground with your face facing up. Now bend your knees slightly. Begin the exercise by stretching out your right hand towards your left knee. Lift yourself a bit in a gesticulation to try to touch the knee.

In the process, your head and your right shoulder rises. Hold on to the position for 10 to 15 seconds and then release slowly. Repeat the exercise, now with your left hand and right knee. The rest procedure remains the same. Hence, a twist is made on your back, which acts as a massage for your aching muscles as well. Breathe normal but slowly and carry on the exercise slowly too. Do not haste or try to overstrain yourself, as, always remember, now you are not alone, but two.