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Keys to Passing a Hair Follicle Test at Your Employers Office

  Most employers now administer hair follicle tests and other forms of screenings to candidates applying for a job. This test is sometimes also used to detect illegal drug use in already hired employees especially when on jobs where high level of attention and coordination is required. While there are various types of tests that […]

7 Signs of Elder Abuse Everyone with Aging Parents Should Know About

When our loved ones are no longer capable of taking care of themselves, we’re forced to make a difficult decision. Honest And as much as we want to be the ones to take care of them, sometimes it’s just not realistic. We still need to work, pay bills, and support our families. So we’re left […]

About Chronic Kidney Disease | National Kidney Foundation | Papolar

Definition of kidneys Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs which are positioned sideways to the spine within the lower back part of the body. In most cases, people have two fist size kidneys when they are born. What’s the meaning of CKD (chronic kidney disease)? CKD is a disease condition where the kidneys are damaged and […]

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