5 Hacks to Choose Cheap Wedding Dresses That Look Expensive

When it comes to buying your wedding dress, you want to have the most beautiful and expensive one. But if your budget does not allow you to do so, then you have to think differently and buy an affordable dress. But that does not mean you have to compromise with your look. You can look stunning in an economic dress too.

Are you wondering how? Well, you can follow some hacks to look beautiful in cheap wedding dresses. Here are the ones for you-

  1. Avoid too white dress

White is obviously the ultimate color for a wedding gown. However, optic and bright white dress is hard to pull off. While the overall look often looks harsh and graphic, many of the special features added to the dress are lost in the color. If you prefer a romantic and soft look on your dress, then it will not be the right color for you. As an alternative, you can prefer dresses on cream, ivory, soft white, and off white. Naturally, it looks elegant and classy and it does not need too many details to pull off. Many times, a cheap wedding dress in one of these colors looks like a designer piece. So, go for it.

  1. Choose higher quality material and small handmade lace

Many bridal stores often compromise on lower material, especially for ball gown dresses. It instantly provides a cheap and ugly look that you don’t want to have. As a solution, go for a simple design. It commonly uses higher quality material, which looks better. Along with this, it is always better to look for a small amount of handmade lace on it instead of an elaborate machine-made lace on it. Often, it is what makes the dress sophisticated.

  1. Don’t go too shiny

A too shinny wedding dress is never pleasant to look at. Even if it is an expensive dress, too shinny material gives the impression that it is made out of cheap sateen. When you are looking for an affordable wedding gown, go for matte material with a soft touch and look. This principle is applicable to the sparkly embellishments as well. Don’t be crazy to make a simple dress pop up. The key to an elegant looking wedding dress is simplicity. Here less is more and so, less sparkle works way better. So, choose a dress with modesty on the shiny aspect.

  1. Avoid too much sexy

As you are on a quest for a wedding dress within your budget, you can hardly afford fine fabrics, high-quality embellishments, and expert tailoring. It means adding too many sexy details including plunging neckline, illusion paneling, high silt, etc. will be a nightmare. Moreover, a combination of all these looks a complete disaster. Along with this, extreme cleavage, lace-up back, and visible corsetry are often too much for a wedding. Focus on one of them and prevent looking too much skin, you will still look sexy.

  1. Add a decorative statement

There are various decorative details that we love to have in our dresses. Three-dimensional lace, gathered skirt, bows, beading, and lace are great but awful to combine together. Instead of looking sophisticated, you fail to make up your mind. As an alternative, you can focus on just one decorative statement. It leaves the rest of the gown unembellished, and yes, it is where you get the balance. Choose an economical wedding gown that goes with this principle and gives you a simple balance that you need to have.

Even if your budget allows you to buy a cost-effective wedding gown, these hacks will allow you to look expensive on the D-day of your life. So, whether you are looking for sophisticated or sexy wedding dresses at a low price, follow these hacks and look stunningly beautiful at your wedding.

Author bio: Madison Wilson is a fashion blogger and writes on different types of wedding gowns, like sexy wedding dresses. In this write-up, she has given some tricks that you can follow to look beautiful in cheap wedding dresses.