4 Skills Required to Ace Every Order on the Cook Job’s App in Sydney and Melbourne

Skills are important on every front of life – be it in your personal life or professional career. If you are developing new skills and refurbishing the existing ones, you can definitely go a long way. Of course, to make this possible, you should work as a self-employed cook.

If you have decided to join the cook jobs app Sydney and Melbourne, you should work on your skills. Mastering soft and professional skills, you can provide a stellar service right on time. So, where should your competency lie in? Let’s have a look at where you should focus more.

Improving Food Preparation Skills

As the app welcomes anyone with basic cooking skills, you might want to improve food preparation skills. It is not mandatory to show off your skills like a Michelin Star restaurant but it feels good when you are levelling up your game. While following your daily routine, you can find a new pursuit which also adds a star to your part-time/full-time career. By using the Cook Account, you are in charge of changing the menu whenever you need. Instead of preparing Chicken Curry every day, you can learn a new recipe like Chicken Curry Naan Bowls. Adding a new technique or method to the pre-existing recipe, you can reach out to a larger customer base. Gradually, you can focus on grasping the skill of sautéing or grilling. There is no rush; you can still prepare what you feel like. Nevertheless, levelling up your food preparation skill or learning new methods can be an interesting push for your career.

Taking Care of the Kitchen

If cooking is your forte, your kitchen is a fort. It is very important to have a functioning kitchen because you need to complete the orders within a particular time. Keep a check on the hygiene and sanitation factor because there is nothing more important than that. Additionally, put a first aid kit on the shelf for the cuts and burns that may occur. As the menu is pre-determined, you should check whether you have stocked the necessary ingredients. A well-stocked kitchen is another way to complete the orders and earn steadily.

Putting Extra Attention to Accuracy

When you are preparing your favourite dish for someone else, it is still about attention-to-detail.  Checking temperatures, measuring ingredients, deciding food portions and keeping track of time – accuracy is one of the essential soft skills. One blunder and your entire effort can go to vain. If you are putting extra attention to the little step, you are doubling the care. Everyone knows, cooking is a delicate job and an extra pinch of salt can make the entire meal inedible. With your keen eyes, you can expect to go a long way.

Being Punctual for Good Reasons

For this online app, punctuality is a vital factor for the cooks. When the customers place an order, the cooks offer them a certain time limit. As the menu is pre-planned, the cooks should not take forever to deliver. If you need 45 minutes or 1 hour to cook the marinade, you should reply the same. Delay in cooking might be a factor to lose loyal customers as well. Instead of trying a whole new recipe step by step, set a standard. Your inbox will be flooded when you are disciplined and punctual.

Moreover, punctuality can help you grow in life without a doubt. The skills you are developing for the cooking gig will be useful in your real life, too. So, what are you waiting for? Download E-mycook, sign up and start preparing your favourite dish every week!

Author bio: Oliver Brophy is a blogger and a full-time cook on the newly launched app, E-mycook. Now, he is on his way to secure a steady income, so here he writes about the skills much-needed for cook jobs app Sydney and Melbourne.