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Explicate the experiences, feelings and character of Mrs Mallard through settings of the story.

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In “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard is informed of her husband’s “death” she is given
this information in the most gentle way possible immediately she understands the importance
this loss will have on her life. As any woman would, she initially “weeps at once, with sudden,
wild abandonment,” at the news of her husband’s death. Her weeping almost seems forced as her
true character is revealed later on. She then goes to her room to be “alone” where she unveils her
true emotions.”She would have no one follow her” describes her selfish or maybe independent
characteristic, it also shows her need and desire to be companionless and unassisted in her life.
seemed as if she was almost tired of being escorted to places. When in the room “Facing the
open window” symbolises her new beginning and she fills her mind with fantasies of freedom
and also “ a comfortable, roomy armchair” is the first thing she notices which probably describes
her exhaustion because of the air of melancholy that surrounded her and her need to sit down.
She can smell “delicious breath of rain was in the air” and can hear the “notes of a distant song”
and “countless sparrows twittering in the eaves” these things are give a notion that she is so
consumed in and conflicted by the sorrow that it has left her desolate and bereft.
Mrs. Mallard’s sobs of loss turn to cries of joy after she reflects upon her own character and
discovers truths about her marriage. papolar The author allows us to visualise the moment that Mrs
Mallard is able to shed the bondage of marriage she says “free, free, free!.” Unlike many
widows, her feelings of utter devastation do not last as she is described “as young, with a fair,
calm face, whose lines bespoke repression and even a certain strength.” this also shows two sides
to her character the socially acceptable face that she puts on,Done a mere facade, and her inner true
self or her “demons” as the other might call it. In short she is an unhappy woman trapped in her
discontented marriage and her desire to get out is so strong that after hearing the news of the
death of her husband she overcomes her sadness rather quickly and feels liberated. She wanted
him gone for a long time but it was her little secret, a shameful thought, that she kept locked up
in a hidden dungeon somewhere in her heart and without knowing and him being gone brought
her a satisfaction from within

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