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How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca

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It is being very surprising that there are 1320 Million users active everyday on Facebook. Now a day, Facebook is not only used as social media website but also Million of businessmen use for business marketing purposes. There are 400 new users signup every day. There are number of social media websites but not one can compete the popularity of Facebook, there are billions of Facebook messenger app users all around the globe. Every new technology that is becoming famous has different types of small and big convicts. Facebook customers may found some technical issues most of the time. How to fix such type of errors? As an alternative of getting panic, try finding solution to these problems.

Whenever using Facebook a common error might found, you may got a message display Pname com Facebook orcahas stopped. This might be happened due to different reasons. It can be some dis-similar element or some cache that should be removed off.

What is the Com Facebook Orca?

Whenever someone going to download Facebook application or some other other software unwanted malware functions, cache or some viruses also install and make its file at backend. In the similar way while downloading Facebook app in smartphone, a folder can be found in set up files named as com Facebook Orca.

This is very important folder in setup files at backend mostly used for storing different forms of data.Orca folder is very essential part of Facebook app. This folder created automatically whenever messenger app of Facebook is being installed in smartphone. In this folder all the images, pictures, videos, Audios and chats are stored. In case of recovering Facebook data this folder Orca is very beneficial.

Either you noticed com Facebook orca

A very common problem is faced by most of Facebook and messenger users. They get visualized a message on smartphone screen “pname com facebook orca” has stopped.This note does not permit to open Facebook app or Messenger app. As it is acknowledged for us that most of users are not so much technical can resolve these issues. So, many users ignore this message because they did not understand the meaning of this software problem. But ignoring is not the solution of this problem at all.

Should I Remove pname com facebook Orca?

Whenever we are finding solution of different problems. We think different types of solutions. If someone is thinking of delete this folder. Keep in view you are on a wrong choice, skip this option because it is useless at all. A question arises here what will happen if you delete this folder from setup file, the same message “pname com facebook orca has stopped working” will show again. So it being suggested you that do not go for such type of work at all.

Pname Com Facebook Orca is a Malware?

Pname Com Facebook Orca is not a virus or malware. When this message appears on your mobile screen it does not means that your mobile phone having any virus but it’s only a software error.

Pname com Facebook Orca error occurs when you install Facebook and messenger app on your phone. good theme In backend there are different types of folders specially we describe “com Facebook Orca “. In absence of Facebook messenger app it may happens com Facebook orca folder is not available. Pname com Facebook error can also be resolved by downloading Facebook messenger app in the case when you are using only Facebook standard app in your smart this way this folder again created in setup files.

Fixing of Pname com Facebook Orca

Pname com Facebook Orca is Facebook error commonly displays on phone screen and it does not permit proper working of Facebook application. Now question is what I do for get rid from this error. So do not worry here a particular result oriented solution is described:

  • Look for Phone Setting Icon in your phone as you find phone setting; now search application Manager in Phone Setting
  • Then find Facebook Messenger App
  • Click on messenger application
  • Now find the storage Option
  • Hit on clear caches and you will see that files of some kilo bytes are being removed

While doing this solution one thing should be note very carefully, as you are going to clear caches then tap on only this button do not tap clear data button. Clear data remove all the data saved in your smart phone relevant to Facebook settings such as username, email id, etc.

In similar way, removing/clearing app caches will only reset Facebook application and you need not for putting again username email. by applying above steps after carefully reading on above steps you can resolved the issue of com Facebook Orca Error.

Reinstallation of Facebook/Messenger App

In real life we have different type of solution, may applied in different the same way above described method are very useful if you have forgot your username, email or other case if you have remember all these information about your Facebook account and you are facing pname com Facebook Orca Message again and again on your mobile display while using Facebook. you should reinstall Facebook app from Google  play store  signing in again and Enjoy Errors free Facebook. For the purposes of uninstalling Facebook app you should follow these steps:

  • Click/Tap on Phone Setting icon at your smart phone touch screen
  • Scroll down until you reach on Application or apps Manger
  • Tap on this and then Disable Facebook
  • All Facebook files will permanently delete.
  • Restart your smart phone
  • Reinstall Facebook app simply from Google play store and use error free Facebook app
  • By reinstalling pname com Facebook Orca folder are regenerated again and Error message disappear permanently.

What is com Facebook Katana?

Com Facebook Katana is also a folder file like pname com Facebook Orca but there is difference between both of two folders. The Facebook Katana is basically app folder Package for Facebook. So, it cannot be deleted .if you delete this folder it will auto regenerate in set up of files of Facebook app.

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